Saturday, 26 March 2016

This is a guide on how to build a dashcam using the Raspberry Pi computer.

For my current built-in setup I am using a Raspberry Pi 2B, a Pi camera (with a wide angle lens) and
a basic USB webcam. For the OS and rear video I use a 32Gb SD card and 64Gb USB storage for
the Pi camera video and the dashcam log data (here's a basic list of parts and prices).

Many settings are user definable, at the moment I have 1296x972@24fps for the Pi camera and
800x448@12fps for the USB camera. I can press a button to shutdown the dashcam when finished
or simply leave it running from the car battery. Below are details on how it was made.

  Installing Arch Linux or Raspbian, OS setup, camera configurations etc.

How to wire up the button, LEDs and GPS using the Pi's GPIO pins
  A simple button for shutdown / reboots, status LEDs and an easy to connect GPS.

The built-in version
  I decided to try and hide things away and make it automated.

Setting up the UPS PIco - Arch Linux or Raspbian
  I2C setup, the RTC and some handy commands.

  What was used and how it was connected up.

Here are a some videos of the dashcam in action…



  1. i love it. funny thing is i was thinking of this today and behold you posted this :)

    1. :) It is great when that kind of thing happens.

  2. Hi Can you let me know your E-Mail address..
    Will want to connect with you to get more information on this project and beyond.

    1. Hi Avinash, You can e-mail me at Kind regards.

  3. Very cool. Thanks for posting it.

  4. thank you for posting this, your setup will be my FIRST Pi project. 1 question, im planning to mount my Pi in the trunk where it can get great airflow and not be in the way, Im planning on only suing 1 camera, should i use the Pi camera V2 for the front camera or could i use a plu gin USB camera ? the only reason i ask is a USB camera has a housing and i can extend from the trunk to the dash where as using the ribbon camera only has approx 3" length... would you be open to a skype call ? thank in advance !