Thursday, 22 May 2014

Script changes

    August 2017
    • Fixed a bug in which only allowed the default GPIO notification LED from lighting.
    • Modified so the default recording option was a more reliable choice.
    • Changed the 'is the Pi camera running check' to use mmal_vc_diag instead.
    • Flash now returns the LED status to what they were before the flash unless told to switch off.

    September 2016
    • gps_logger has been completely rewritten.
    • Added second USB camera option in (don't expect good performance though).
    • Updated the flash program.
    • can write additional JPGs and video feed for streaming etc.

    January 2016
    • Fixed the cleanup subroutine so it honours the 'usb_directory' variable.
    • Added the script so files can be copied from the Pi to another location over WiFi.

    November 2015
    • Changed recording file names to event#-sequence#_date
    • Files can be copied from USB storage to the SD card automatically. Place them in a directory called scripts at the USB mount point and they will be moved to /root/scripts at startup.
    • gps_logger GPS fix requirements are now much stricter.
    • Added support for the UPS PIco.
    • Fixed some minor bugs here and there.
    • Included more things from the global.rc into the program. E.G. km/h or mp/h
    • 'pivid_enabled' has been replaced by 'pi_camera_method' for using pivid, picam or nothing.
    • Even more options added to the global.rc!

    June 2015
    • Fixed GPS log files not rotating.
    • Added a Python Pi camera (picam) or raspivid (pivid) option called 'camera_method'. Using picam allows GPS annotation to video. Needs Python3 (and a lot more polishing).
    • Pivid recording time changed from milliseconds to seconds in global.rc
    • Added GPS text annotation option 'motion_GPS_annotate' for motion video
    • A few small changes and fixes here and there, nothing significant.

    18th December 2014
    • Modified all scripts to check for a global.rc in the 'main_directory/usb' and if found use any of these variables as a priority.
    • Added 'usb_device' variable in global.rc so a user defined USB device can be set.
    • Aligned some of the variables in the scripts and fixed a few minor bugs.

    18th November 2014
    • USB storage can have it's own global.rc file. If the '*_use_usb' variable is set to 'yes' in the main_directory/global.rc file and USB storage is found it will check the main_directory/usb for a global.rc file. If found, those variables will take priority.

    17th October 2014
    • Fixed issue with GPS reporting incorrect time.

    24th August 2014
    • Added 'over_temp' option so the Pi will shutdown gracefully if it gets too hot.
    • Alternative main and log directories can now be defined.
    • Added log rotation options for the GPS and status files. If they are not set to append then a user defined number of files will be kept instead.
    • Fixed some incorrectly formatted expressions in the shell scripts.

    22nd May 2014
    • Changed *_disabled to *_enabled in global.rc. For example, pivid_disabled is now pivid_enabled.
    • Added GPS_append_log and status_append_log option in global.rc. If set to "yes" new data is added to the end of the logfile. If set to "no" the last file is moved away to *.old and a new log file is created.
    • Added log_directory option in the global.rc so a user specified location instead of /home/camera/logs can be used.
    • Sending a SIGUSR1 to pwr_butt will shutdown the Pi (useful for an ignition sensing program).
    • Avergage speed, distance and time is written to the gps_log.txt file.
    • Fixed the writing of shutdown information to status.txt which was being terminated to early.

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